Legal Studies Research Group

Colciencias ranking: C

Law School

Leader research group
Clara María Mira González


The Group of Legal Studies of CES University is composed of professional experts in different areas of law such as: Public law, labor law, medical responsibility, social security, computer law and new technologies and criminal law.

These professionals interested in carrying out research processes for the generation of new knowledge and putting this knowledge into practice in the business world of companies, in the public sector, in society and in academia.

Each member of the group has a work team made up of students interested in the different topics that are grouped into research seedbeds from where they develop their learning process, acting as auxiliary research projects or as co-researchers. The idea with the link with the students is that they acquire skills in research techniques and additionally that they develop their degree projects.

Lines of investigation

• Line of legal studies in computer science and technologies
• Line of Public Law
• Line of social security, medical responsibility and labor law
• Line of Private Law