Superior Council Agreements

Agreement 0101 Cargo Plant

Agreement 0105 Creates the Position of Category Four Teacher

Agreement 0106 Defines the methods of Hiring Personnel Linked to the Institution

Agreement 0107 Repeals Agreement No. 0025 that allocated funds from education courses

Agreement 0108 Repeals Agreement No. 0020 that creates the Institute's Evaluation Committee

Agreement 0109 Repeals Agreement No. 0017 that modifies the composition of the Academic Council

Agreement 0110 Repeals Agreement No. 0003 That creates the Administrative Directorate

Agreement 0122 Regulates the graduation process

Agreement 0113 Repeals Agreement No. 0027 that claimed per diem

Agreement 0115 Repeals Agreement No. 0039

Agreement 0117 Creates the Position of Head of Human Management

Agreement 0119 Regulates the enrollment process for admitted and former students

Agreement 0120 Regulates the academic monitoring process for students

Agreement 0121 Regulates the student promotion process

Agreement 0122 Regulates the graduation process

Agreement 0123 Regulates the processes of issuing the duplicate of the diploma

Agreement 0124 Creates the position of Category I Teacher Internal Medicine Specialization

Agreement 0125 Sets a discount benefit in Health Services that is presented at the CES Clinic

Agreement 0126 Regulates loans for administrative personnel

Agreement 0127 Regulates special permits for administrative and teaching staff

Agreement 0130 Creates the position of teaching category and pediatric specialization

Agreement 0136 Modifies Agreement No. 0101 of 2001

Agreement 0138 Modifies Agreement No. 0101 of 2001

Agreement 0139 Repeals Agreement No. 0024 that creates the scholarship committee

Agreement 0140 Modifies Agreement No. 0101 of 2001

Agreement 0141 Repeals Agreement No. 0062

Agreement 0142 Plant Charges Med Veterinary

Agreement 0143 Modifies Agreement 0101 of 2001

Agreement 0144 Modifies agreement 0101 of 2001

Agreement 0145 Charges psychology Plant Charges