We think about your safety

It is the planning instrument that, consigned in a document, contains the actions, mechanisms, strategies and measures to be adopted by the different entities, organizations or companies of the public and private sector existing in Colombia. These actions are aimed at achieving road safety as something inherent to the human being and thus reduce the road accident rate of the members of the aforementioned organizations and if it is not possible to avoid, or reduce the effects that traffic accidents may generate.

The purpose of the Strategic Road Safety Plan is to define the objectives and the specific actions or interventions that must be carried out to achieve the purposes of preventing traffic accidents, facilitating the management of the organization by defining the areas involved. , those responsible and the evaluation and monitoring mechanisms based on compliance with the defined actions.

The CES University prepared the Road Safety Plan in order to initiate a transformation of its road culture, emphasizing the knowledge and voluntary compliance with traffic regulations, increasing the perception of risk when traveling and joint responsibility by promoting the use of supportive and responsible for public space, through awareness with road intelligence. At the same time, comply with the current regulations applicable to the company in terms of Road Safety.

Download the document with the Road Safety Policy (Spanish)

Road safety committee

It is a Committee created in order to propose, design and measure the actions that allow to generate awareness among the personnel and achieve objectives in favor of road safety both at the CES University, and in the daily lives of its members.

The members of the Road Safety Committee are:

  • Sandra Milena Valencia Velez
  • Carlos Andrés Saldarriaga Martínez
  • Andres Mauricio Velez Marquez
  • Maria Isabel Gomez
  • Rocío Penagos Gómez
  • The one that replaces Yennifer Pineda
  • Adriana Lucia Rave Herrera
  • Marianela Garcia Velez
  • Veronica Laverde Gomez
  • Claudia Patricia Cortés Girón