Do you know the difference between accident and work incident?

They are two terms that usually tend to be confused, so let's clarify how they differ.

An occupational accident is any sudden event that occurs due to or on the occasion of work, and that produces an organic injury, a functional disturbance, a disability or death in the worker.

The one that occurs during the execution of orders from the employer or contractor, even outside the workplace and working hours.
During the transfer of workers or contractors from their residence to their places of work or vice versa, when the transport is provided by the employer.

During the exercise of the union function, even if the worker is on union leave provided the accident occurs in fulfillment of said function.

For the execution of recreational, sports or cultural activities, when acting on behalf of or on behalf of the employer or the user company, in the case of temporary service company workers who are on mission.

It is a sudden unwanted event that occurs for the same causes that accidents occur, only that due to random reasons it does not trigger injuries to people, damage to property, the process or the environment.

An incident is an alert that needs to be addressed. It is the opportunity to identify and control the basic causes that generated it, before an accident occurs.

"In all daily activities at home and at work, risks are latent, so it is important to be vigilant and take the necessary measures to prevent them."