What to do in the event of an accident at work?

The proper and timely reporting of accidents depends on the ARL providing the required care and coverage of the assistance and economic benefits that arise from these accidents.

  1. The injured worker or student must receive the necessary attention in a timely manner, go to the first aid offices of the institution or go to a brigadista.
  2. Report the event to the immediate boss or manager, and to the Occupational Health and Safety area within 24 hours.
    If you are an employee or student on a rotating period Call the ARL SURA hotline: 604 444 45 78 Option 1; 01-8000 511 414. In case you are a student (undergraduate or graduate) we have a student policy ALLIANZ: Contact 604 444 05 55 Extension 1679, cell phone 304 653 13 09, or national line 018000510989.
  3. Transfer to a healthcare center: In case of requiring transfer to a healthcare center, CES University has an EMI service:
    Telephone: (57) 604 444 13 30
    Attention code:
    - Town 502256
    - IPS Sabaneta and Warehouse: 502257
    – CVZ: 502258

Is it mandatory to report if I had a work accident?

Yes, it is mandatory to report work accidents to the Office of Occupational Safety and Health, who in turn will report the same to the ARL SURA.

Email: socupacional@ces.edu.co
Phone: (57) 604 444 0555 Ext. 1213 – 1292
Building A, Floor 3

You can also make the report, which will automatically inform the Occupational Health and Safety area.

Report of unsafe conditions

Notify immediately if you identify unsafe conditions in your workplace, to the email socupacional@ces.edu.co.