Service Centers to the Community

IPS CES Sabaneta

CES Sabaneta

We offer outpatient care in different specialties.

Center of Veterinary and Zootechnics – CVZ

We have specialized services for small and large species.

Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine

Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine

High technology laboratory in specialized tests of molecular biology, among others.

CES Clinic

CES Clinic

We provide medical services to the community in partnership with Universidad CES.

CES Almacentro

CES Almacentro

Outpatient care center in specialized dentistry, with professionals of an excellent profile.


Universidad CES Gym

We promote healthy living habits in the university community, families and neighbors.

Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food


Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food

Legal Office


We provide free legal advice, judicial and extrajudicial to natural or legal persons.

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Language Center

If you want to learn a new language or culture, join our language center.

Photo of Editorial CES books

Editorial CES

Institutional organization in charge of leading the editorial processes of the University

People looking for carreers degrees on a laptop

CES Virtual

We offer alternative training spaces through new technologies.

Student performing cardio pulmonary brain resuscitation in simulator.


We train the community in the development of skills in the area of emergencies and disasters.

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We carry out expert opinions in different specialties of the health sciences.

Photo of Editorial CES books

Laboratory of Psychology

Laboratory that offers training, extension and research services.

Foto de estudiantes y docentes en los consultorios del centro de entrenamiento en competencias CEC

Competency Training Center

CTC has logistic and technological characteristics unique in the country



Evaluation and measurement center of the Faculty of Psychology.

Autonomous centers
Of research and development

Chemistry Laboratory Elements


Center for the Evaluation of Health Technologies focused on innovation, science and technology.

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Center for Science and Pharmaceutical Research.

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The Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine investigates to solve tropical diseases.