Center of Science and Pharmaceutical Research - CECIF

The CECIF is a Colombian Technological Research and Development Center founded in 1997 and governed by the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Colombia “Colciencias”. There, we carry out basic and applied research, experimental development and prototype development.

We have 3 lines of research: medicines, food and cosmetics with a category B research group – Colciencias.

We have a pilot plant with the entire technological platform for making product prototypes in different ways: solid, semi-solid, liquid and powder.

Services provided by the center

• Physicochemical analysis of medicines, cosmetics and food
• Stability studies for food, cosmetics and medicines, according to ICH
• InVitro Bioequivalence Studies
• Studies of Bioequivalence and InVivo Bioavailability
• Cosmetic clinical studies
• Design and formulation of prototypes for the medicines, cosmetics and food industry
• Dissolution profiles
• Practice site for undergraduate, masters and doctoral students of the health and basic sciences sector (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedical Engineering, Nutrition, Biology, Ecology, and Management)

Certifications and processes

We have certification of Good Laboratory Practices (INVIMA), Certification of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), Certification of INVIMA for studies of bioequivalence and bioavailability, authorization of the Sectional Secretary of Health and Social Protection of Antioquia for the physicochemical and microbiological analysis for foods.

Our processes, techniques and methodologies follow international guidelines of the World Health Organization, INVIMA Colombian regulatory body and are in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices and Good Clinical Practices. For all this we have high complexity technological equipment (HPLC, GC, HPLC-Masses, Dissolvers with autosampler, Infrared, Atomic Absorption and a pilot plant for the development of prototypes).


Phone: 5606660
Opening hours: Monday to Friday. 7:00 am. to 6:00 p.m.

Address: Cra 43A No. 52sur – 99 Piso 6. IPS CES Sabaneta, Antioquia.