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If you are going to attend our Gym, you must register your data in the application before leaving home and present your result when entering the headquarters.
Remember that this process must be done every time you go to one of our headquarters.

Our Gym

The IPS CES Poblado Gymnasium is a fundamental part of the institutional welfare offered by Universidad CES and seeks to promote healthy living habits among the members of the university community, their families and neighbors through physical exercise.

We have modern facilities and equipment ready for the execution of directed physical exercise, which allow us to interact individually or in groups with our users through different approaches that improve the physical condition of the human being.

Our space offers the possibility of articulating actions with the academic programs of the University to strengthen the knowledge of students and develop academic practices, generating research proposals with a view to expanding their services oriented to health and exercise practice.

Fotografía de las instalaciones del gimnasio donde se encuentran las elípticas, pista TRX, entre otros elementos.

Teaching, service and practices

The permanent articulation with the academy, the research and the constant accompaniment in the promotion of health and prevention of diseases, are our main letter of presentation in the scientific character, backed with the seal of Universidad CES.

In the accompaniment of our health services, we have the rotation of students of the last semester of Physiotherapy that enhance our services of support, assessment and rehabilitation of users.


Physical training: professional accompaniment in physical exercise and the individualized prescription of this.

Group guided classes: we have the best disciplines to exercise body and mind, according to the latest global fitness trends. Our guided classes offer dynamism, entertainment, health and the greatest possible well-being to reach your goals. Know the schedules of our classes.

  • Cardiovascular: classes where movements of the different body segments are integrated with rhythms of different musical genres. These classes allow to improve the aerobic condition through cardiovascular stimulation, improve coordination and motor skills, body expression, tone, and in addition to regulating your weight, you can spend a pleasant time guided by music and the professional in charge.
  • Toning:a series of classes characterized by physical resistance at the muscular and cardiovascular levels, which includes work of high intensity intervals, varied martial arts and combat techniques, where different sequences of exercises perfectly integrated to physical exercise are used, in addition to finding enjoyment by using different elements.
  • Body and mind:is a system of group classes designed to enhance body movement through awareness and effectiveness of it. Different postures are dynamically implemented and movements coordinated with the breath. The goal is to purify the body, making it easier for the student to follow their own rhythm and progress gradually. In addition to postural control, strength, flexibility and vitality can be developed.

Health area


• Prescription of physical exercise
• Clinical evaluation
• Individualized physical rehabilitation

Sports medicine:
• Clinical evaluation
• Accompaniment in the prescription of physical exercise
• Stress test by band ergometry

• Clinical evaluation
• Nutritional advice
• Nutritional control

Personalized and semi-personalized training: comprehensive physical training for people seeking individual support from the exercise and health professionals.

Fotografía de las instalaciones del gimnasio donde hay máquinas trotadoras, entre otros elementos.

Facilities and equipment

We have comfortable and pleasant spaces, high technology equipment and quality implements ready for your training; cardiovascular, functional and muscular areas, and consulting rooms that meet all the quality standards for your service.

The IPS CES Poblado Gym puts at your disposal the following areas and spaces:

Consulting rooms:

• Physiotherapy
• Sports medicine
• Nutrition

Bodybuilding zone:

• Bodybuilding machines
• Free weight
• Stretching area

Cardio zone:

• Cardiovascular exercise equipment
• Crossover zone

Express Circuit Zone:

• Functional area
• Training cage
• Human sport pulleys


• Group room
• Spinning room

Common zones:

• Reception lobby
• Food area
• Bathrooms – showers and dressing rooms
• Lockers
• Parking


• Official values of Universidad CES gym

We offer different rates for our CES community, welfare and external public.

Learn about our rates for 2019

Learn about our rates of our 2019 training plans

• Health services

Find the values of our individual health services or by packages.

Learn about our health services rates


Address: Calle 10 A # 22 -04, edificio B – piso 10
Phone: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext 1979 – 1681
Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday: 5:30 a. m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 7:00 a. m. to 2:00 p.m.