In the Legal Bureau (academic and administrative unit) the students of the Faculty of Law of our institution, perform their mandatory practice in line with legal requirements and in accordance with the curriculum. There, we provide free judicial and extrajudicial legal advice to individuals or legal entities that do not have the economic possibility of hiring the professional services of a lawyer to solve a specific conflict with legal implications or in order to prevent the emergence of it.

To provide advice, the center makes prior verification and analysis of the public utilities account of the place of residence (strata 1 and 2), the level of socio-economic classification in the Sisbén, and / or the income received.

The consultancies and procedures of the judicial processes determined in the law include matters of private law, public law, criminal law, labor and social security law, and the concerted solution of conflicts arising from the community through the mechanism of the conciliation in law.

Teaching, service and practices

The Legal Bureau and Conciliation Center is a practical subject that promotes in students the development of skills and competencies for judicial and extrajudicial representation, individual legal advice, research and alternative mechanisms for resolving conflicts in compliance with the legal duty that has been attributed to it as an academic space that allows guaranteeing the right of access to justice for people of limited resources.

It is legally regulated by Law 583 of 2000 that modified Decree 196 of 1971, and by Decree 765 of 1977.

Services provided by the center

• Individual legal advice

• Judicial, notarial and administrative proceedings.

• Pedagogy of rights and legal training to vulnerable communities – JueCES Program.

Facilities and equipment

In the Legal Bureau and its Conciliation Center we have comfortable and accessible facilities, with reception area, individual attention, hearing room, waiting area, access for people with disabilities and sufficient technological equipment to provide an adequate service to its users.


Address: CES Sabaneta, Carrera 43 A # 52 Sur – 99 Municipality of Sabaneta – Antioquia.

E-mail: y
Phone: (57 ) (4) 305 35 00 Ext. 2300
Opening hours:
Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. m. to 12:00 m. and from 1:00 p. m. to 5:30 p.m.

You must request by telephone the appointment for initial legal advice