Ideas that make us grow

We believe that sustainability is everyone's issue. We want to hear the ideas of our entire university community to improve every day. Come to the Sustainability Office (block A, floor 4) to hear your good ideas, so we can continue implementing strategies that make our University a sustainable institution.

If you want to share your idea, diligence our form or contact the emails: or phone (57) 604 4440555 Ext. 1304.

Step 1. Smart recycling at Kaptar points

Smart recycling with Kaptar

Within the University, it delivers bottles, batteries, tetra pack material and receives discounts on tickets to movies, food, entertainment, among others.
Step 2- Deposit the waste in the bins provided for each material

At the Post-Consumer Point

It deposits waste such as: batteries and lights, medicines, electronic and electrical waste and used cooking oil.
Step 3- Take your mug to the coffee machine

Coffee machines

Put aside the disposable cup and bring your mug. Insert it in the place of the disposable cup and the machine will fill your mug with your favorite drink.
Step 4 - Get on CES, share your car

Upload CES

Get on CES. Share your car and help the environment.
Step 5- Get to U taking care of your health and environment. Use the bike

Electric bike rental

Come to U taking care of your health and the environment. Find the electric bicycle rental center by the entrance of the parking lot of Block B.
Step 6 - If you have a car or electric bike, use the electric station

Electrolinera U CES

Do you have a car or electric bicycle? Charge your electric vehicle at the electric stations located at the entrance to the parking lot of Block B.