At CES University, volunteering is one of the lines of action of the Lazos Program, which aims to contribute to solving the needs of the environment, providing new opportunities and generating a positive impact.

We conceive volunteering as an investment of time in the development of solidarity actions by the university community in order to improve the quality of life and contribute to the construction of an egalitarian society.

The CES volunteer is one who is characterized by their solidarity, empathy, generosity and constancy.

The lines of work are:

Action line 1
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  • Environmental conference: sowing, ecology
  • Animal intervention

Action line 3
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Knowledge transfer

  • Awareness, training and education
  • Sport and culture
  • Study groups
  • Workshops and events
  • Preparation of teaching material
  • Guidance and advice on specialized topics

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Action line 2

Innervention in communities

  • Health brigades
  • Assistance to vulnerable territories
  • Improvement of infrastructure and common areas: painting days, roof
  • Comprehensive recovery of public spaces

In 2020, the university carried out 33 volunteer actions, with a total of 660 linked volunteers and 9,099 hours donated.