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We have professional careers lasting from 8 to 12 semesters.

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Programs lasting 1 to 2 years in specific areas of knowledge.

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Training of health professionals with critical and analytical skills.

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We expand and develop knowledge for problem solving in fields of knowledge.

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Knowledge based on the development of research through our doctorates.


Development of skills and aptitudes for health care.

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Virtual Programs

Non-face-to-face programs taken through our virtual platform.

Learn about our portfolio of specializations, master's degrees and non-clinical doctorates.

*The portfolio contains the graduate list, with the exception of clinicians.

Programs that might interest you


Our CES Medicine program was the first accredited higher education program in Colombia, receiving the renewal of accreditation in 2002, 2007 and 2015 by the National Accreditation Council and the Ministry of Education of Colombia. More information


We are committed to the excellence of training upright lawyers for society, free, autonomous, ethical, scientific human beings, competent in a globalized world, with a solid theoretical and practical training with research, argumentation and interpretation skills that allow them to intervene in problems. social. More information

Business Administration

Our purpose is to train leaders with a professional and human sense, connected with the world, strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial, socially responsible, critical, purposeful and investigative that transform organizations and the environment with high levels of productivity and competitiveness. More information


Our Dentistry program offers students disciplinary training with a high ethical, scientific, technical, and moral quality in which the concepts of health promotion and disease prevention prevail. More information