Transparency channel

For Universidad CES , the principles of ethics and transparency are fundamental, as transcendental elements for the generation of trust and credibility with society, so that it generates, among its stakeholders, the tranquility and acceptance necessary for them to feel identified with the organization.

That is why the University has created a communication channel for stakeholders to participate in the construction and institutional consolidation, in a joint and transparent work where institutional principles prevail and the best practices in risk management are adopted.

Therefore, Universidad CES has created a Transparency Channel, which will serve as a permanent, confidential and organized means of communication for its students, teachers, employees and graduates, as well as its clients, suppliers, strategic allies, and society in general, can report behaviors, actions or activities that harm the institutional interests, the principles, the values and the code of ethics and good governance of the University or that affect in some way the social welfare of the community

Who can use it?

Employees, students, clients, suppliers, graduates and third parties related to the university and its branches. Its use is voluntary.

What should be reported?

We tell you which are the conducts that by this means can be reported at the time of making a complaint against any of the members linked to the organization or to the academic community of Universidad CES through the Transparency Channel:

• Situations of conflicts of interest
• Misuse in the handling of confidential information
• Appropriation or improper use of the assets of the institution
• Abuse of the status of founder, manager, administrator, teacher, student or employee of the University
• Falsification of documents, contracts, agreements, information or records related to the substantive functions of the University
• Behaviors that affect the good name of the University, the academic community or its users, clients and suppliers
• Situations that attempt against the protection of intellectual property.
• Suspicious activities related to money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud, bribery, corruption, drug trafficking or any other activity classified as a crim
• Actions that attempt against the human rights or the dignity of the people
• Actions that violate the principles, values and good conduct.
• Accept benefits or perks in a personal capacity that may influence decisions or represent favor in the relationship with third parties

In all reported situations, we seek to obtain as much information as possible in order to subsequently carry out a more complete and objective analysis.

Before making the complaint, keep in mind the following:
• Present a chronological, clear, detailed and precise relation on the facts of which you are aware
• Attach all the evidence that supports your complaint
• Only complaints that are associated with behavior regulated in the code of ethics and good governance of the University, and situations that go against institutional values and principles, will be received and analyzed.
• Remember that when you use this means of reporting, you must do it with a lot of responsibility
• The facts that are reported here must be real and verifiable
• You will receive a report number of the complaint at the time you finalize your report

Remember that you can follow up on your complaint and check the status of the investigation, by accessing the main page Universidad CES.

Learn the instructions to make a report