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The Office of Institutional Wellbeing of the CES University assumed the direction of the Wellbeing Network in the Colombian Association of Universities (ASCUN) in the Antioquia node for 2021. Its election was voted by the heads of Wellbeing of the 28 universities linked in the region Northwest Antioquia.

ASCUN is the organization to which more than 200 Higher Education Institutions in the country belong. It is responsible for strengthening university dialogue, academic permanence, the creation of support networks for the university community, issues related to inclusion, gender and comprehensive health, social impact programs, sports and culture, among others.

With the leadership of the ASCUN Wellness Network, CES University has the responsibility of managing, strengthening wellness policies and strategies that seek to generate an impact on the three committees belonging to the department. These are divided into the sports committee, manager of culture and promotion of human development.

As the area in charge of sports at the CES University, we ensure the participation and representation of our student-athletes in sporting events at the University level, this achieved hand in hand with ASCUN Deportes and its management in the development of mentioned events ", said Santiago López Murillo, coordinator of Active and Healthy CES.

The strategies that Bienestar Institucional plans to implement in its leadership are reflected in 6 strategies. The first plan includes academic permanence that has the purpose of reducing the dropout rate of students in the Antioquia region.

Subsequently, among the strategies is the promotion of healthy lifestyles through sports, inclusion and disability issues, incorporation of well-being focused on teachers and postgraduates. Also a well-being that takes into account the employees through strengthening the concept of family-responsible companies (Efr), and finally there would be the generation of research and innovation processes in the institutions.

“We are pioneers in matters of lifestyle, sports, culture and a family-responsible company (efr), where through management we can transmit our policies to other universities. We work together for the well-being of employees, teachers and students, ”says José Franklin Díaz Cárdenas, head of the Office of Institutional Well-being.

Additionally, the benefits that the direction of the ASCUN Wellbeing Network brings to the university is based on the direct relationship for the creation of policies and matters with the Ministry of National Education. Also, the institution will have more visibility where it will have the opportunity to propose plans, generating articulation with other universities for well-being.

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