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person looking at the CES job portal

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The CES University Alumni Office reactivated the Employment Portal service for final semester students and graduates of the institution from January 18, 2021. There you can find job offers from different employers.

After 7 months without technical intervention on the institutional website, the Employment Portal was put into operation again. Its closure was due to technical failures in the servers of Universia, the company in charge of supplying the technological platform and verifying that the companies that want to submit offers are legally constituted.

“The Employment Portal is a channel that allows the communication of information between graduates and companies. It is used for companies to publish job offers, but also for graduates to register their resumes ” , added the coordinator of the Graduate Office, Marcela Lopera Londoño.

Each graduate or last semester student will be able to enter through the go to the web services menu or enter the following link: create your resume.

"To facilitate the employment of graduates, apart from providing the service of the portal for job placement to graduates of CES University, we also offer the course of preparation for working life and the career design service, in which we help to structure the resume and review the professional profile, ” said coordinator Lopera.

Different job offers are published in the Employment Portal, among which are jobs for general or administrative doctors, nurses, instructors, among others. Positions for accounting, administrative and legal assistants are also disclosed, being some of the most requested occupations on the platform.

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