We invite you to know our exclusive agreements for graduates and the university community (students, teachers and administrative staff) of the CES University. To access the agreement you must show your valid card.

These agreements are exclusively for a commercial relationship. Consequently, it does not imply a civil liability for CES University.

Autollantas Nutibara

Logo autollantas

25% de descuento en los servicios de:
Alineación de dirección
Balanceo electrónico de llantas
Baterias Mac
15% de descuento en:
Reparación de rines de lámina
10% de descuento en:
• Cambio de aceite (aceite y filtro de motor): servicio de lubricación con aceite de todas las marcas y sistema a granel (Texaco, Móbil y Shell)
• Mano de obra en general (afinación, limpieza de inyectores, suspensión, frenos y cloutch)

Instagram: @autollantasnutibara


Dermatological logo

30% in laser hair removal in large areas
30% in body modeling
30% in electrostimulation training
10% in well-being and pleasure
10% in facial rejuvenation treatments
7% in drugstore

Paola Andrea Puerta C.
Phone: 3147720517 – (57) 604 4444005
Instagram: @dermatologica_


Logo kanabecare

KANABECARE offers$ 20,000 COP discountin the value of Kit Shampoo + conditioner.

Purchases can be made through WhatsApp # 314 6734597 or by

Smooth specialized center

Smooth logo

Offers a 20% discount on cutting, brushing, hair therapy, amino acid replacement, progressive straightening, eyebrows, manicure, pedicure, Beards.

Soraya Peláez
Phone: 3217798661
Instagram: @lisoscentroespecializado

Look at me

Logo mirame


Eyebrow maintenance, eyelash extension, first pose (no discount on retouch)
Eyebrows hair to hair, first position (discount does not apply for touch-ups)

Liliana Astrid Escobar Gallego
Phone: 3206367072
Instagram: @miramequeojos



Offers up to60% discount, in personal hygiene products, cleaning for the home and makeup; products that are available on the website with the code * CES *.

Gloria Giraldo Travel and diving

Logo Gloria Giraldo

Diving course in the city of Medellín, dictated by aPADI certified instructor.

The course includes:
• PADI book, for independent study
• 2 theoretical classes (2 hours each class)
• 3 practical classes in the pool (3.5 hours each class)
• Loan of diving equipment for the 3 practical classes
• Certification of the instructor at the end of the theoretical-practical course

CES discount: 10% presenting the card

Gloria Giraldo Gomez
Phone: 3214905612
Web page:
Instagram: @travelandiving

Tritones diving school

Logo tritones

10 % de descuento en los cursos de buceo para egresados
20 % de descuento para comunidad Universitaria

Juan Gabriel Suarez
Phone: (57) 604 3023416
Web page:
Instagram: @tritonesbuceo

Botero Sport

The Botero Sport School offers the15%discount, in the skating classes taught at the María Luisa Calle Sports Unit. Presenting card and kinship document with the minor.

Luis Felipe Botero
Phone: (57) 604 4446412
Instagram: @ club.boterosport

María Isabel Ángel dance academy

20% de descuento en:
Clases de danza dictadas por la academia.
Boletería en eventos seleccionados por parte de la Academia.

Steven Morales Gomez
Phone: 604 4442545 – 3117113650

Adrián Mauricio Hurtado

Offers a 15% discount of the commercial value established for each event that will take place in the current year of the agreement.

Mobile: 3014884485
Instagram: @evolucion_agile @adrianmhcoach

ÉVORA Jewelry workshop

– Quarter of 48 hours to 698,000 for graduates and the university community

- Trimester of 36 hours to 535,000 for graduates and the university community (Presenting institutional card)

Mobile: 3052226369
Web page:
Instagram: @evoratallerdejoyeria


Sufi logo

Benefits of the agreement:
• No cobrar el estudio del crédito.
• Respuesta en 24 horas luego de recibida la solicitud de crédito.
• Financiación hasta del 100% del valor de la matrícula (según capacidad de pago).
• Se paga el 40% del crédito mientras estudia y el 60% restante, una vez finalice los estudios.
• Forma de pago por débito automático, oficinas red Bancolombia o sucursal virtual.

Sufi University CES Office (1st floor)
Phone: (57) 604 4440555 Ext. 1580

The barefoot eagle

Barefoot eagle logo

The discount between a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 50%, depending on the role and the artist who approves production and management. I present the institutional card.

Mateo Botero
Phone: (57) 604 284 42 11 Ext. 111
Instagram: @elaguiladescalza

Amaranth artisan bread

Amaranth logo

Offers a 5% discount on breakfasts and lunches.

Natasha Moreno
Phone: 604 4482664
Web page:
Instagram: @amarantopanartesano


Logo kills

Offer a discount of10%paying with Card and a12%paying with Cash, on the entire menu, except alcoholic beverages.

Redeemable at our offices, Laureles Cra 76 # 73B-39, Provenza Cra 34 # 7-40, Mall Indiana Km 17 via las Palmas Local 154-155.

– Lunes a jueves de 12pm a 9:30pm.
– Viernes de 12pm a 5pm.

Sebastian Arango
Phone: 3103594002
Instagram: @ammazzagingarden

Atlantic meat distributor

Logo atlantic - restaurant

Offers the 10% discount on meat, poultry and fish, on the price list on the website with the code: AFS-CES

Home delivery service throughout the Aburrá Valley and the Near East

Web page:
Instagram: atlanticfoods


Barbaro primitive kitchen logo

Offer a discount of 10% paying with Card and a 12% paying with Cash, on the entire menu, except alcoholic beverages. Conditions and restrictions apply.

Instagram: @barbarococina


Logo cakes

Offers a 10% discount on all their products

Phone: 3117622870
Instagram: @cakes_18_


Delimarca logo

Delimarca offers a 10% discount on the value of chocolates with personalized label of 3x3cms, 2.5x4cms, 3.5 × 3.5cms and 3.5x7cm, in personalized boxes of 2, 6, and 9 chocolate bonbons.

Bibiana Castrillon
Phone: 3187759230
Web page:
Instagram: @delimarca_tu_marca

The Top

Offer a discount of 15%. Applies only to prepared foods; it does not apply to alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beverages.

Mateo Sierra Gutierrez
Teléfono: 3106550697
Página web:
Instagram: @El Trompo



Offer a discount of 10% in the value of total consumption in the restaurant, before consumption tax.

Sebastian Puerta Mejia
Phone: 3128505175
Web page:
Instagram: @Entremaderos



Marmoleo offers 1 Chicharrón ceviche for a minimum purchase of 50,000 pesos in each visit they make to the restaurant.

Veronica zuluaga
Phone: 3137915606
Instagram: @restaurantemarmoleo

Panka Nikkei

Offers the 10% discount on the value of the account, before taxes.

Juan Esteban Puerta
Phone: 3128505175
Instagram: @Panka Restaurant


Logo passiflora

Offers a 15% discount on the products of raw and pure honeys, pollen and healthy cookies.

Daniela Vidal
Phone: 3006749973
Instagram: @passifloraalimentos


Logo pesetarian

Offer a discount of 10% in the products offered in the menu of the restaurant menu, in the value of the final invoice.

Alejandra Olarte
Phone: 3188581917
Instagram: @pezetarian @pezetarianctg

Kids Lonchera

Logo kids

Wait for more information soon


Hoteltex logo

CON & CORT with its HOTELTEX brand offers a 10% discount on the price list of lingerie products, which can be found in its Web page

Instagram: @hoteltexcolombia

Ecolodge El Almejal

Clam logo

Offers the 10% discount on all tourist programs offered at their headquarters in Bahía Solano

Phone: (57) (4) 412505
Mobile: 3206746023
Web page:
Instagram: @elalmejallodge

Hotel La Magdalena

Logo hotel la magdalena

Offers 10% discount on accommodation in high and low season, for a maximum of 3 guests. At its headquarters located in the municipality of El Peñol.

Natalia Martinez
Phone: 3104540254
Web page:
Instagram: @lamagdalenahotel


Memories logo

Offers the 10% discount, at its headquarters located in the municipality of El Peñol in:
Accommodation in high season, Sun Day Plan, Majestic Yacht 15% discount on accommodation in low season

Natalia Martinez
Phone: 3104540254
Web page:
Instagram: @hotellosrecuerdos

Palomares Tours


Preferential discounts on airfares and itineraries adapted to the client, with AVIANCA and LATAM airlines; for the university community of CES UNIVERSITY.

Nelly Pardo
Telephones: 3146306825 – 604 3136611 – 604 3265068
Web page:

Parador del Gitano

Logo hotel parador del gitano

Offers a 16% discount paying in cash in the value of the following tourist plans in low and high season, at its headquarters located in the municipality of Puerto Triunfo:
• Lodging day with breakfast included
• Lodging day with breakfast and lunch a la carte included
• Lodging day with breakfast, lunch and a la carte food included

Silvia Restrepo G
Landline: (57) 604 8342089 – 604 43223472 – 604 4823452 – 3164487169
Instagram: @hotelparadordelgitano

Coffee Park

Coffee park logo

Offers a 15% discount at: Ticket office to enter the Coffee Park (Applies only to the ticket office managed through the Travel Sales operator: 4444934 - 5806044 - 3125808215

10% discount on: Tourist services before taxes in land travel plans operated by the Sales de Viaje company

5% discount at: Panaca Ticket Office, Thermal Ticket Office, Butterfly Ticket Office, Recuca Park Ticket Office

Liliana Maria Tavera
30th street 80-86
Phone: (57) 604 4444934 – 604 5806044 – 3125808215

Marine Rock

Then sea rock

Offers a 15% discount at its headquarters located in Rodadero-Santa Marta:
In accommodation in high and low season

Natalia Martinez
Phone: 3104540254
Web page:
Instagram: @hotelrocamarina


Logo Turibus

The Turibus offers a preferential rate on the City Tour to students, employees and graduates of CES University and their family group.
CES community rate: $ 20,000 COP (presenting the University card on the Turibus). General public rate $ 35,000 COP.

Web page:



Offer a discount of 20% in the purchase of artisan jewelry (bathed in gold and / or silver), which can be purchased in the showroom.

Jenny Fernandez
Showroom: calle 10 # 36-44 local 202
Instagram: @bachuejoyeria


Logo Boartely

Offers a 20% discount on the value of the catalog products, handmade products, leather and clothing for the beach and in your establishment of commerce.

Liliana Salgar Restrepo
Phone: 3108372542
Instagram: @boartely_liliana-salgar_

Liliana Ramírez Footwear

Logo Liliana Ramirez

Offers a 10% discount with cash payment in all its physical store, located in the Mall del Este, local 184

Liliana Ramirez
Phone: 3136956540
Instagram: @liliana_ramirez_calzado


Logo mesace

Offers a 12% discount on the value of the products of: women's and men's leather goods, travel bags, horse saddles, accessories for saddles, accessories for horsemen, supplementation and equine hygiene, harnesses, and ponchos, in the warehouse that is located in calle 12 sur # 50 E 20 in Medellín. Discount not cumulative with products that are in promotion.

Felipe Gonzalez
Phone: 3108274918
Web page:
Instagram: @ mesace1910


Eighth sin

Eighth sin logo

Offer a discount of 10% in the final value of the invoice, not cumulative with other promotions.

Maria Fernanda Zapata
Phone: 3128643002
Instragram: @octavo_pecado

Soho Store


Offers a 15% discount on the value of each garment.

Phones: 3107799554 - 3108901913
Showroom: Calle 12 # 43 D 105, Barrio Manila
Instagram: sohobylinavelez


Logo W Brand

Offers discounts on the following brands:
Maaji (5%), Malai (8%), Touch (10%), Milonga (8%), Purpuratta (8%), Boamar (8%), Kibys (8%), Offcorss (8%), SAHA (8%), Holy Water (8%), Sailor (5%) and Livenza (8%), not combinable with other discounts.

Instagram: @wbrandcolombia

Solórzano House

Offers 20% discount on clothing rental.

Web page:
Instagram: @casa_solorzano



It offers the following discounts according to the branch, in new policies:
- Cars: Up to 40% off
- Health: Up 40% off
- Life: Up 40% off
- Home: 5%
- CLOCK: 5%

Maribel Suarez
Insurance consultant
Telephone: 310 426 67 98

Maryory Agudelo
Phone: 3133902614
24-hour line: 3117615858

Web page:

Gomez Montes

Life insurance
Health insurance
Auto insurance
Home insurance

Web page:


Logo dynamics

- Dinámikos offers a 50% discount on the tuition fee of the classes
- Dinámikos offers 10% discount on the value of the photographic studio.
- Dinámikos offers 15% discount for the birthday celebration in Dinámikos. The commercial value depends on the package.

Luisa Álvarez Santamaría
Phone: (57) 604 3669323
Address: carrera 32 # 2 sur - 47 local 9801 Centro Comercial ZONA DOS
Web page:
Instagram: @ dinamikos1

FE Granja

Farm logo

Offer a discount of 15% in the value for equine therapy, chalanería classes and stimulation. Value of individual insurance with Suramericana de Seguros is $ 30,000

Maria Soledad Saldarriaga Londoño
Phones: (57) 3147116239
Web page:
Instagram: @escuelalagranjaequina

Fable Oviedo

Logo fabula oviedo

Offers a 20% discount on the value of individual hours and tickets.

Natasha agudelo
Phone: 3005287718
Address: Oviedo shopping center, local 1390
Web page:
Facebook: @ fable

Kanguritos (babysitting agency)

Kangaroo logo

Offers the 10% discount on your home services.

Carolina Isaza
Phone: (57) 604 4448914
Web page:
Instagram: @kanguritos_colombia


Deaf logo

Offers a 10% discount on the value of the Infant Stimulation monthly payment.
The first class is free and there is no tuition fee.

Natali Gallego
Telephones: (57) 3218895465
Web page:
Instagram: @estimulacionsurdoz

CES Clinic

CES Clinic Logo

10% of all services provided directly by the CES clinic, the Sabaneta CES, and the Warehouse CES. Extensive discount to parents, spouse and children.

Discounts are excepted for the following items: materials, drugs and dental prostheses. It is clarified that discounts are given as long as it is canceled in a particular way. The graduate must present their card to access the discount.

CES Clinic
Teléfono: (57) 604 576 73 65

CES Sabaneta:
Carrera 43ª 52 sur 99 Sabaneta
PBX: (57) 604 305 35 00

CES Warehouse:
Teléfono: (57) 604 262 56 48


Marcela Barbotto (Reconnective Healing)

Marcela barbotto logo

Offer the discount of 13.90% in the first reconnective healing session (technique serves to balance the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual being at all levels, recovering vital energy)

Marcela Barbotto
Telephone: 317 6417924 - USA: 954 644 1799
Instagram: @marcelabarbotto_sanacion


CVZ logo

Offers the 10% off. Discounts are excepted for the following items: materials, medications and dental prostheses.

Phone: (57) 604 336 02 60
Calle 36 D sur Km 4 Loma del Escobero Envigado-Antioquia
Web page:
Instagram: @cvzces

IPS CES Sabaneta-CES Warehouse

They offer the 10% discount on all services provided. Extensive discount to parents, spouse and children.

Discounts are excepted for the following items: materials, drugs and dental prostheses. It is clarified that discounts are given as long as it is canceled in a particular way.

Web page:
Instagram: @ipscessabaneta


colsanitas logo

Colsanitas offers preferential rates and provides comprehensive high-quality health services, which offers its users direct access to all specialties and coverage throughout the national territory, with the following benefits:

- Unlimited external medical consultation, includes psychology and homeopathy
- Preservation of the antiquity acquired in other Prepaid Medicine companies
- Accidents caused by high-risk sports
- Unlimited hospitalization
- Home hospitalization (includes medications and materials necessary for treatment)
- Home medical consultation
- Optional benefits such as international coverage, life insurance and funeral benefit
- Dialysis and hemodialysis
- Coverage in 66 cities of the country
- Obstetric medical care for childbirth or cesarean section
- Among others

Judith Elena Jaramillo J.

Commercial Director

Mobile: 3168229398



Walter Alberto Krohne R.

Corporate Accounts Executive MP

Cel. 3142081607

Botero Sanin Laboratory

It offers the benefit of the copayment discount (prepaid medicine) in all the services offered by BOTERO SANIN SAS (It does not include genetix or tissue regeneration).

In addition, private patients are given a 20% discount on exams (restrictions apply). The addresses are free and in them, the 20% discount or the copayment is not reduced.

Phone: (57) 604 4445523
Web page:


logo proquident

Enter the Proquident virtual store in the typing the coupon or code CES20 you can redeem at the end of your purchase a discount equivalent to 10%

Three Architects

Then three architects

It offers benefits in private architecture, commercial design and industrialized small housing.

• Private architecture: offers a discount of 15% on the final value of the signed contract.
• Commercial design: offers a discount of the 10% on the final value of the signed contract.
• Small industrialized dwelling: offers a discount of 1.5% on the final value of the signed contract.

Jorge Gomez
Phone: 3164192779
Web page:
Instagram: @tresarquitectos @prototipoextend

Andrés Felipe Bermúdez Mesa

Logo Andrés Bermudez

Offers a 10% discount on the value of portrait photography sessions.

Andrés F Bermúdez
Phone: 3185865217
Web page:
Instagram: andr3sf_foto

More than 1000 words

Logo more than 100 words

Offers a 10% discount on the value of the selected package in portrait photography, weddings, baptisms, first communions, fashion, product, etc.

Ana Maria Rincon
Telephone: 3006147121 - 3007984946
Web page:
Instagram: @ masque1000palabras

Sensory Innovation

Sensory logo

Offers a 5% discount on the value of Strategic Planning and 5 % discount on branding

Juanita Villa
Phone: 3163648090
Web page:
Instagram: @sensorialcol

CES Graduates who are interested in being part of this portfolio, offering products or services from sectors other than Health to the CES Community, please write to /