College life

The conference will begin the development of its schedule this Friday, October 5 for the integration of the entire university community. It will be an open space for both students and teachers and administrative staff in order to get out of the routine and enjoy different activities.

Between Friday 5 and Thursday 11 October the members of the university community will be able to enjoy and participate in the recreational activities organized by the Institutional Well-being and Human Development area. The dynamics will be recreational, sports, educational, artistic and cultural for the enjoyment, integration and change of the daily routine.

Table and field tennis, soccer, chess, billiards, volleyball and squash are some of the sporting activities that students, employees and teachers will be able to enjoy, both on display and in practice.

Likewise, the now traditional CES Challenge for employees and campus outings will be held: Ecological walk and Bike CES to the La Clara village in the municipality of Caldas.

On the other hand, health promotion and prevention will also be present during these days, with the healthy circus, safe mobility activities and diversity and inclusion among others, in addition to a blood donation day.

Art, culinary and CES talents will also have space during these days with the Open of Arts, karaokes, the XVI University Song Festival, the Graffitour and the intercultural Cookmaster.

The market will provide the opportunity for CES entrepreneurs to offer their products, pets can be vaccinated and identified with a microchip and those who want to adopt a companion animal can also do so.

And as if all this were not enough, the Puerto Candelaria musical group, with its great sound explosion, will give us a great concert at the University Theater on Wednesday the 10th at 6 in the afternoon.

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