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Photography: Courtesy of Julieta Roldán

As Julieta Roldán Escobar likes freedom, her father is a lawyer and her mother is a teacher, it will be surprising to know that at 20 years of age she is just a short time away from being the first graduate of the CES University Law School with a double degree, nationally and internationally.

The law career was a pillar that Roldán, from a young age, planned for her life. Seeing her lawyer father work on what he liked with passion and the jurisprudence that he handled protected by the laws, inspired her to complete her undergraduate degree at the CES University of Medellín Law School.

The law gives freedom, everyone should know about it. The law is common sense and belongs to daily life, not only is it a career that goes unnoticed, it also serves for personal life. The right is simply in everything ”,said Julieta Roldán Escobar, who is the first CES student to complete the double degree at the Alfonso X el Sabio University of Spain.

Wanting to know the world and the laws that govern it, inspired Roldán to be the first student of the Faculty of Law to start, in a blended way at the end of 2020, the double degree in Law with the Faculty of Social Studies and Applied Languages of the Alfonso X el Sabio University.

Completing an undergraduate degree studying in both countries has pushed Julieta to the limit of time. However, he has not lost his rhythm, nor the discipline he learned from the teacher David Aristizábal Martínez, whom he describes as someone who faces reality and does not fantasize about it, being one of the teachers who taught the most from his academic side.

“The motivation of knowing that, if tomorrow Colombia closes the doors to the world of work for me, I can go to other countries to pursue my career. It is my greatest encouragement to carry out the double degree ” , said Roldán Escobar.

Studying at the Alfonso X el Sabio University of Spain has been a new experience. Julieta, through virtuality in her first semester, carries out her learning modules where she takes subjects in branches of law that complement her education in the 2-year duration of the double degree.

Double Degree

The Faculty of Law of the CES University offers the alternative of double degree in agreement with the Alfonso X el Sabio University of Spain since 2018. To achieve the strengthening of internationalization strategies, with the option of studying in person or blended ( online), according to the terms of the agreement and what best suits the needs and interests of each student.

“To carry out the double degree process, the academic and attitudinal condition of each student is taken into account, which is permanently reviewed through the Promotions Committee, and the other requirement is that the student is in or has passed the eighth semester undergraduate. Subsequently, the Curriculum Committee studies and approves the student's application for the double degree ”, expressed Natalia María Castrillón Gallego, head of the Undergraduate Law Division.

Additionally, the CES University Law program shows a flexible curriculum for those students who want to complete the double degree. On the other hand, it offers the possibility of doing business internships and taking the last undergraduate subjects at the same time.

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